In brief

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- optimum and convenient sample collection using a special brush

- proven maximum sensitivity and a semi-quantitative result 

- high specificity distinguishing between members of the Microsporum and Trichophyton families

- unique expertise (see About Us)

- speed: testing and result on the day of arrival; result by email

- competitive price

Practical Convenience:

- for veterinarians and professional animal keepers (shelters, catteries, breeding facilities etc) with a Chamber of Commerce registration number

-  a set of 8 brushes (with return envelopes) is provided upon request (€ 10,- ex VAT per set, outside Netherlands within EU € 15,- ex VAT)

- monthly invoicing

- when deemed necessary, an experienced veterinary microbiologist  provides advice regarding the interpretation of the result or the treatment 

- in the case of an outbreak, we can assist the veterinarian in drafting a control plan and the planning of efficient progress checks


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